All groups are open to newcomers. Many of our small groups have a regular meeting time but maintain a flexible schedule. Please use the contact form if you're interested in attending and we'll let you know if our schedule changes.

Home Touch Papers

Home Touch papers provide a means of connecting our home-bound church people with a personal communication from our church.  The weekly mailing consists of two pages, printed in large type for easy reading.  Thus the reader is reminded that he/she is remembered and loved.

The first page, a devotional, includes a thought for the week, a suggested scripture, a prayer, and a short inspirational message.  In a space provided, we add our own personal message.  The second page is an activity sheet.  This is important because usually the recipients have time on their hands and can enjoy the puzzles, jokes and word games, etc.  Most of the activities are based on the Bible or church life.


Baptism/Membership Classes

Information sessions are held as needed throughout the year.